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Letter to the Editor: Disgraceful Spectacle

By Paul L. Young St. George

On Oct. 30 I was excited to sit in front of my television to watch the special opening exercise of the Utah Jazz and the Milwaukee Bucks in the opening game.
The opening had a powerful, patriotic theme. It began with Larry Miller giving a very good opening talk. He was followed by Lloyd Newel and his Spoken Word. His theme was patriotism and loyalty. The Tabernacle Choir followed with several patriotic songs, including the National Anthem. This was an outstanding and patriotic opening ceremony. At least it was up to the point where the cameras panned over players of both teams.
What a total letdown. Not one player within view of the cameras stood at attention or had their hand over their heart. They were all shuffling their feet, looking up at the center screen, some were chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles while the National Anthem was being sung.
It would seem that those with talent to make millions of dollars and to be treated like high princes would be more willing to give thanks and show respect for the country that makes it possible for them to capitalize so richly on that talent. This is to say nothing about the message of insolence they send through their actions to the young of this nation who look up to them.
The incident became a disgraceful spectacle in my view. From this point on, I have no interest in whether the Jazz win or lose. In my mind they are losers in character. My apologies to any on either team who may have shown proper respect but who were not shown on the screen.
I have always had a lot of admiration for the Jazz and the community service projects they sponsor. I want no part of the kind of people that seem to think our National Anthem and the Stars and Stripes are a waste of their time. I hope that all veterans would regard them in the same light � with disgust.

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