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Weber State Donates Pickup to Emery Automotive Class



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Emery High auto students with the Toyota pickup which was donated to the school.

In April the local Emery High Automotive students competed in the 4AAA contest. The students did well, only missing state by four points. This was the students first time competing in a 4AAA competition. The eight seniors participating in the event were: T.J. Seely, Bryant McMullin, Jason Mills, Shawn Wilson, Chase Behling, Dan Larsen, Ryan Hayward and Elam Jones.
Also in April, Weber State sponsored a trip for seven students and Mike Kava, auto teacher, on a four day trip to Long Beach, Calif. While they were there they had the opportunity to visit the Toyota Headquarters, Toyota Racing Development Selection, Petersen Auto Museum, the Toyota Grand-Pre Race and spent some time at the beach. The students who had the privilege of going on this trip were: T.J. Seely, Eric Behling, Jackson Luce, Byron Curtis, Jason Mills, Nick Drage and Ryan Hayward.
The students also visited Weber State College, where they have a Toyota program. The students were able to see how the business world works and talk to students who went to Weber State and now work at Toyota. The boys had a great time while also coming back more interested in automotives.
Weber State College recently donated the class a 1995 Toyota Tacoma pickup for educational use. The auto department received a federal grant for equipment.
They will use the money to purchase a new front end machine for alignment, an air conditioning machine, an electronic scope and new tools, while also updating the shop.
The new equipment will allow the class to learn more and they will be able to recertify in not three areas but now five. Mike Kava is now working with Weber State, College of Eastern Utah and the College of Colorado in trying to help the students earn college credit.

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