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Ap Teachers Recognized for Successes




Brian Dawes, Wendy Whittle, Duane Merrell and Neal Peacock are AP teachers at Emery High School.

At the school board meeting on Aug. 13, Superintendant Kirk Sitterud informed school board members of the success of the students in the AP classes at Emery High. The students in these classes performed very well in the AP testing which took place the end of last school year. “The national average is a 50 percent pass rate and Utah has a 67 percent pass rate and Utah also has the largest number of students taking these tests.
“In the Emery District, the 36 students took 75 tests and had an average of a 70 percent pass rate. The classes were calculus with six tested and three passing for a 50 percent pass rate. In Economics, four were tested and three passed with a 75 percent pass rate. In English language, 15 were tested and 12 passed for an 80 percent pass rate. In English literature, 20 were tested and 10 passed for a pass rate of 50 percent in European history, 29 were tested and 24 passed for a pass rate of 83 percent.
“Teachers at the high school involved in those classes are: Duane Merrell, calculus, Brian Dawes, economics, Wendy Whittle, English literature and English language and Neal Peacock, European history. We are very pleased with this success,” said Sitterud.
Board President Laurel Johansen said, “We want to recognize those teachers for the preparation of these students. We realize they contribute a lot of their own time in preparing these students for these tests and we commend them.”
Currently at Emery High there are 204 students taking AP courses. Also, 119 students are taking concurrent enrollment classes from CEU.

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