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Appreciation Barbecue



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Emery Telcom holds annual celebration to thank its customers

Emery Telcom held their 7th annual customer appreciation barbeque on Friday.
They served lunch to a large crowd of Emery County residents. Customers also visited six booths which told about the many services Emery Telcom has to offer. One employee explained to visitors how the fiber optics system works and how they are able to carry thousands of conversations at the same time. He also explained the use of color coding. Door prizes were also drawn for throughout the afternoon.
Ray Sitterud was awarded with the Hometown Hero Award as part of the activities. Congressman Jim Matheson was also on hand to take part in the fun. He said he had been invited to the barbeque when Emery Telcom officials were back in Washington on business and he was able to attend since Congress is in recess until after Labor Day.
General Manager Greg Killpack said, “We just wanted to do something for the community and we started this barbeque originally to introduce the customers to direct TV and we decided to continue it every year. It just keeps getting bigger. We wanted to give something back to the communities that support us. This year it has been a 100 percent employee effort. They wanted to cook and serve all of the food. They have spent the last two-three weeks in intense preparation.
“We now have 105 employees and have tripled the size of the company since our acquisitions last year. When the company started it had three employees in 1953.
“This year we are also giving away a 4-wheeler as a customer appreciation gift,” said Killpack.
Visitors had a card which was stamped as they went from booth to booth and then it was thrown into the drum for a chance to win the ATV.
The drawing was held and the winners were DJ and Shawna Horrocks of Cleveland.

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