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Ray Sitterud honored as ‘Hometown Hero’ during appreciation barbecue



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Ray Sitterud addresses the audience after being named a ‘Hometown Hero.’

The Hometown Hero award was given to Ray Sitterud at the annual Emery Telcom Customer Appreciation Barbeque.
Sitterud was born on April 12, 1917 to Jesse and Edna Sitterud. He was raised in Orangeville where he attended elementary school and then went to high school in Castle Dale. As a young man, Ray worked in the coal industry to help his parents care for his 10 sisters and three brothers. He was drafted into the Army where he was stationed at Ford Ord in California until the war ended.
In October of 1943, at the age of 26, Ray married an effervescent lady by the name of Myrleen. They have been married now for 59 years. Together they have four children. Ray has been very active in his religious affiliation throughout his entire life.
Ray has held many public positions in his life. He was the mayor of Orangeville for 12 years.During his term as mayor he was instrumental in establishing the water and sewer systems in Orangeville and throughout the county. He served as chairman of the special service district for many years. Ray was a county commissioner for two terms and helped establish the Emery County Nursing Home in Ferron. Ray was on the Board of Directors of Emery Telcom from the beginning in 1951 until the mid 1970s.
“Ray is considered a cornerstone in our community and it is for this and so many other reasons we award him with Emery Telcom’s Hometown Hero Award,” said Kevin Tuttle from Emery Telcom.
Sitterud said, “I am grateful and thankful to receive something like this.” Sitterud also received a plaque and an Emery Telcom jacket as a token of appreciation from Emery Telcom.
A Hometown Hero is a person who has given their time and talents to make our community a better place. Ray was nominated by his sister, Ruth Cox.

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