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Teachers hit the books during summer break



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The teachers learned how to integrate technology into their classrooms.

Teachers in the Emery County School District were back in the classroom early. Actually, for the most part, they haven’t left school because of all the summer workshops this year.
A group of teachers from Green River and one from Castle Dale were involved with Intel training the week of Aug. 5. The instuctor for the program is Collette Clement, teacher at Huntington Elementary and certified Intel trainer.
“The scope of this program represents the industry’s recognition that all the educational technology in classrooms today is worth nothing if teachers don’t know how to use it effectively. Computers aren’t magic, teachers are,”said Craig Barrett, Intel’s president and chief operating officer. Launched in the year 2000, Intel Teach to the Future is a worldwide effort to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms to enhance student learning. Available throughout the United States and in 24 countries, Intel Teach to the Future will have trained more than 500,000 teachers worldwide by the end of 2002. The program is presented with support from Microsoft Corporation. Intel will invest $100 million in cash, equipment, curriculum development and program management.
The Intel Teach to the Future program is offered for both K-12 in-service teachers as well as pre-service educators, with distinct curriculum designed for each audience. Teachers learn from other teachers how, when and where to incorporate technology tools and resources into their current lesson plans. In addition, they are instructed on how best to create assessment tools and align lessons with district, state and national standards. The program incorporates use of the Internet, web page design and productivity software.
Divided into 10 four-hour modules, the curriculum enables teachers to develop a complete collection of themed lesson plans that engage students in the use of technology to conduct research, compile information, and communicate with others.
Intel Teach to the Future is part of the Intel� Innovation in Education initiative, a global, multi-million dollar effort to help realize the possibilities of science and technology education. The goal is to prepare today’s teachers and students for tomorrow’s demands. For more information, visit www.intel.com/education.
Teachers completing the training were: Pat Brady, Jody Carter, Art Hughes, Marcy Thayne, Stan Parsons, Nolan Johnson, Alta Anderson, Mary Ann Luke, Kaye Nelson, Shellie Anderson, Barbara Quist, Dale Richards, Daniel Roden, Desirae Roden, Robert Nelson, Sharyn Hughes, Sky Dinkins, Iva Wilske and Laurie Swalberg.

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