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Letter to the Editor: It Might have Been

By WES CURTIS Cedar City

Of all sad words of tongue or pen
The saddest words are these…
It might have been.
It would be sad indeed if Emery County were to have its valiant monument efforts ended before ever having a chance to see what can actually be accomplished. If that happens, we will never know “what might have been.”
Never before has a U.S. President offered a county such a powerful opportunity to shape the future management of its public lands. It’s a once in a lifetime position for Emery County. It’s also a rare chance to set a precedent for future Presidents and to strengthen the role of local government in public lands matters for years to come.
I sincerely believe that Emery County will never again have the leverage and opportunity it has now to determine its public lands future.
We must keep the process alive. The only way to do it is to deliver a strong message of support to the President by voting FOR Citizens County Initiative #1.

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