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Dancing the Night Away



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The Emery High Spardettes drill team hosted the Region 8 drill team competition on Jan. 17 in the Spartan Center.
In the military category the results were: Emery, North Sanpete and Lehi tied for first place with Carbon taking fourth place.
In the prop category: Lehi took first place, Delta came in second, Emery took third and Carbon was in fourth place.
In the dance category: Lehi was first place, North Sanpete was second, Emery took third, Delta was fourth and Carbon took fifth place.
In the novelty category: First place went to Delta with North Sanpete taking second place.
Overall rankings were: Lehi-first, North Sanpete-second, Delta-third, Emery-fourth and Carbon-fifth.
Allison Ware from Emery High took first place out of 87 competitors in the drill down competition at the meet.
Emery will be competing at State on Feb. 1 in the military category at UVSC.

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