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Local Library Gives Gift of History to the Emery County Archives



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Librarians Kay Jeffs and Roxanne Bohn taking the collection of papers from their shelves.

The Castle Dale Library recently presented the Emery County Archives with the entire collection of Emery County Progress newspapers. The collection spans the years 1900-90. Shirley Spears from the archives said, “The purpose of the archives is to preserve the heritage of Emery County and its residents. This acquisition is very exciting.”
Since the inception of the Emery County Archives over two years ago, they have wanted to have the original newspapers for preservation. Because newsprint is not high quality paper, it deteriorates badly. The archives have the materials and capability to preserve the newspapers in acid free tissue paper and boxes.
“Our goal is to collect all the personal data and stories of the settlers who built Emery County. We are interested in personal histories and those of the businesses that were established here. Some day, we hope to have all this information available in the internet,” said Spears.
The Castle Dale Library will continue to have current issues of the Emery County Progress and the Family History Library maintains the newspaper on microfilm. Although, after the preservation process, the information contained in these old issues will be available for the public.

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