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Commission Discusses Justice Court Judge Position


At the recent commission meeting the position of justice court judge was discussed to fill the vacancy left when Judge Stan Truman passed away. County Attorney Dave Blackwell explained that according to statute the chairman of the county commission will be the appointing authority. He will be appointed by the chair and approved by the commission.
Any appointee will have to attend the judicial council orientation program which will be held in September. This training must be completed before the new judge could act. Attorney Blackwell said he had not found any qualification descriptions, just the best qualified applicant for the position. The county will advertise the vacancy and seek applicants fit for the office. If the appointee is not approved by the commission in 30 days then the application proces my be reopened.
Attorney Blackwell suggested the position be filled in time that the person could begin learning the ropes at the justice court office before the training in September. During the interim period before a judge is found, Judge Betty Burns from Green River will be covering court up here.
Commissioner Drew Sitterud suggested moving slowly with the process and work things out so everyone involved will be happy. He said the sheriff’s office, county attorney and the personnel office all need to be in the loop to draft an application for advertising and a job description which also includes the number of hours per week.
Commissioner Sitterud said he has received 20-30 phone calls already expressing interest in the job.

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