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Emery County Receives Clean Audit Report


“The future of rural Utah lies in rural Utahns finding solutions to rural problems,” said state Lt. Gov. Gayle McKeachnie.
All rural Utahns are asked to participate in a process that will result in the presentation of a slate of rural economic development and planning initiatives to Gov. Olene Walker, a special subcommittee of the Utah State Legislature and the Governor-elect later this year. The first step in this process is a series of surveys. These surveys will begin immediately online at http://utahreach.org/wingspan/surveys/.
All Department of Workforce Employment Centers and Utah State University Extension Service Offices located in rural Utah will have computers available for those without internet access. Individuals living in rural Utah who are clients of the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation may visit their USOR offices for assistance.”
The surveys are the first step in the process that will include discussions of potential initiatives at this year’s Rural Summit held at Southern Utah University on Aug. 12-13, regional meetings and an opportunity for all rural Utahns to cast a “vote” via the internet.

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