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Harriet’s World


Recently I have had occasion to receive many hugs. Have you ever noticed how many different kinds of hugs there are? It is quite amazing.
There is the hug I call the acquaintance hug. That is the one where the person stands way back from you and tries very hard not to touch you then pats you on the back with his/her hand. Almost as if you have some major decease that is catching.
Then there is the hug where the person throws their arms around you and you get the full body hug. That is meaningful. As if to say,”Hey I mean it.”
Now we are coming to the hug that I really enjoy. Just recently a friend of mine hugged me this way. I was sitting down and she was standing up and she put her arm around me and touched my face as she did so. It was a very comforting and naturing hug. I was impressed.
Then there is the side to side hug with a quick bump on the hip. As if to say, “Ah Gee.”
Next we have the Teddy Bear Hug. That is the way my son hugs me. He engulfs me in his arms. Holds me tight. Makes me feel like I am hugging a big ole teddy bear. I love it. I feel hugged when Mark hugs me.
All in all I am sure you can come up with a few I haven’t mentioned. Because everybody is different. There must be a million ways to hug a person. It is kind of fun thinking about it.
That brings me to the person who doesn’t like to be hugged at all. There are people out there believe it or not who really do not care to be hugged. It makes them feel very unconvertible.
I had a friend who ask me to ask them if it was all right to hug them. This person did not like to be surprised with a hug. They had to be in the right frame of mind to receive a hug. It had nothing to do with me or the way that I hugged. It simply was the person.
Okay I can respect that. So whenever I wanted to hug them I had to ask him/her if I could give them a hug. Because I was respectful of their wishes. Most of the time the answer was yes but there were occasions when the hug was declined.
Well, I’ll tell you, this old lady loves hugs. Bring them on. I’ll take a hug whenever or wherever I can get one. To me it is just another way of saying I care. I love the hugs my grandchildren give me. They are the best ever.
I like to give hugs as well as receive them. So as you go through your day think about it. Are you a hugger or a huggee. Or are you both. I wish you hugs. That is my world. Until next time remember,”A hug a day chases the blues away.”

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