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It’s Tee Time



By COREY BLUEMEL Staff writer

Green River and Millsite Golf Courses are in full swing

Green River State Park Golf Course

Many a golf ball becomes the victim of the Green River.

Green River State Park Golf Course is a family friendly, uncrowded course. It sits on Main Street in Green River, surrounded by the Green River State Park, on the banks of the Green River.
Eugene Swalberg is the park and course manager and Garth Burnett is the superintendent. Green fees are $9 for nine holes and the cart fee is only $4. A new clubhouse is accompanied by a new parking lot.
Blaine Luke explained the course hole by hole. Hole #1 is a par five with water on the right. He suggests not to be very aggressive on this hole as it is the second hardest on the course. Hole #2 is a straight shot par four with a pond on the left.
Hole #3 is the first par three and is only 141 yards from the white tees and 83 from the reds. Hole #4 is a beautiful hole with the Green River on the right and the hole is a dogleg right, around the river. It is a must to stay to the left on this one.
Hole #5 is a par five with another stretch of the river on the right. Hole #6 is considered the hardest of the course as it is a long par four. It has a narrow landing area and is a dogleg left with water along its left side. Hole #7 is an uncomplicated dogleg left par four.
Hole #8 is the second par three of the course with a sand trap guarding the front of the green. Hole #9 is a par four with a fountain on the right near the green.
The course is a fun course to play and there is plenty of other activities for the whole family to enjoy in the area.
Millsite Golf Course

The clubhouse at Millsite boasts a full service proshop and restaurant.

I never get tired of the vistas you get at Millsite Golf Course. It changes at different times of day because of how the sun hits the cliffs, fairways, reservoir, leaving shadows and highlights in different places. This course can be a challenge but if you stay on grass your scores will come down.
Comments from players who play all over the United States say this is the best nine hole course they have played.
Tips for playing Millsite.
Hole #1: with the addition of a new tee this par four hole plays close to 400 yards. The hole has no water on it but to speed up play the entire perimeter of the hole is lateral water hazard. About 200 yards from the tee, the fairway runs off to right water hazard. Hug the cart path on the left side for the best position to hit your second shot.
Hole #2: Short par four, 274. You drive over a canyon to the fairway using a club that will give you 125 yards up to 274, depending on how much you want to cut off. Beautiful hole.
Hole #3: Tough long par five, close to 600 yards. Tee shot needs to be long enough to make the second shot easier to the fairway in the bottom. Third shot can sometimes be a blind shot to the green.’
Hole #4: Easy hole from the white tees. Dogleg right 90 degrees. The more you cut the hill the bigger the risk but closer you will be to the green. Out of bounds right side of fairway from tee to green. Newly planted trees separate the fourth and fifth fairways.
Hole #5: 150 yard par three. No matter where the pin is just try to hit the green. Three sand traps surround this hole with a creek running in front of the green.
Hole #6: Short par five from the white tees, 450 yards but out of bounds on left the full length of the hole with a creek 150 yards in from and to the right of the fairway. Hit the club that will put you on the fairway and play it as a three shot par five or take a risk, hit it deep and have a short iron to the green. Long narrow green, know where the pin is and try not to be above the hole. Notice the newly planted trees along the roadway.
Hole #7: Beautiful par three up towards the spillway. Good elevation change from tee to green, 169 yards from the white tees. Wind is usually at you, don’t go right of cart path or the ball will go to the bottom of the spillway. From the blue tees, 213 yards. This hole used to be rated at the 16th toughest hole in the state.
Hole #8: Short par four, dogleg left. Risk in carrying across the desert to fairway. Cut off as much as you want towards the green leaving a shorter shot. Two tiered green. Don’t leave the ball above pin if pin is on the bottom level.
Hole #9: Blind tee shot, usually aim for scoreboard or south edge of new pro shop. Don’t hit more that 240 off the tee or you will be in trouble. Tough green to putt. Leave your second shot going uphill to the pin.
:Many upgrades have been made to this course over the past several years. Number nine fairway has been improved, sandtraps have been put in, tee boxes have been improved, and many trees have been planted to delineate fairways and separate the fairway from the road.

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