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Letter to the Editor: Peach Day’s Concerns


Dear Editor,
It has always been the tradition of Ferron Peach Days to host Emery County’s most enjoyable celebration. Local businesses, special interest groups, community services, school talents and of course the Peach Days Royalty, all play a vital role in its success.
This year, however, there seemed to be some lack of planning in certain areas, which came at the expense of the young women representing Ferron’s Royalty.
For several weeks, the little girls and the young women have been preparing and competing in the annual Peach Blossom and Peach Days pageants, getting ready for the big day. Along with the earning of their royalty positions, come their responsibilities and obligations for the upcoming events of Peach Days. They were to wear crowns and banners, and be present at all the festivities, readily volunteering their help when needed.
They were also asked to prepare and perform their talents for the entertainment and enjoyment of the spectators. In years past, this is one of the activities that has taken place in the Mayor’s Park, nursing home and the rodeo grounds. The set provided this year was not conducive for a good performance.
Also, shouldn’t they have been admitted free and perhaps had assignments and a schedule of events, and also been provided with a place to perform their talents in veiw of the spectators when introduced to the audience?
Instead, the girls were humiliated and discouraged when they were turned away at the gate for lack of entry money; or having to pay, thinking they would be perfoming their routines and songs. The only place available was the announcers box above the audience, out of view. Some tried singing, but to no avail as the system was so distorted, they couldn’t hear their music. As for the dancers, they had no opportunity at all.
How disappointing for these young Peach Blossoms and Peach Days Royalty, who worked so hard to represent Ferron Peach Days, being led into thinking they would be part of the celebration festivities, and then treated in this nonchalant manner.
I am sorry for those asked to perform and the paying audience who came to watch and support them. Perhpas some serious thought should be given to this issue for the kids sake and for the integrity of Peach Days.

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