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Don’t just dream it, be it



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Jared Allen, Karsten Longhurst, Jeff Petersen, Jason Salmond and Shawn Satterthwaite also known as T-Minus five perform at the youth conference.

“Don’t just dream it, Be it,” was the theme of the conference. Months of hard work culminated with the youth leadership conference on April 16. “Don’t just dream it, Be it,” was the theme of the conference. The day began with 120 youth checking in and then having a pancake breakfast provided by Huntington, Cleveland and Elmo cities. The youth then moved onto the workshops. The workshop “Geek to Shiek” was taught by Nail Emporium, “To be or not to be,” was taught by Kyle Alder, “Toke it and choke it,” taught by Gordon Bennett, “See it and follow through,” taught by Janine Parish, “High school dos and don’ts taught by a panel of single young adults, “Rah, rah, ree, kick em’ in the knee taught by Larry, Dow. Jr. The youth also participated on the “Precipice of Wonder,” rock climbing wall from the National Guard. Jamie Jensen and Christy Reed taught “Trust or Bust.
Ferron City provided lunch for the youth. The service project was completed and the Huntington youth council won the battle of the towns. The clothing and food were presented to Jim and Kelly Piper from the Humanitarian Center from the youth city council mayors of each town. The councils gathered approximately 10,000 pounds of food and clothing.
After the service project the youth played games and ate dinner provided by Castle Dale and Orangeville cities. John Bytheway and T-Minus Five entertained the youth in the evening. Kassidy Thompson won the drawing for the mountain bike donated by Decker’s Bike Shop. Whitney Jensen won the drawing for the computer.
During the Geek to Sheik workshop, Eve Guymon donated her hair to Locks of Love. Prize drawings were held throughout the day. Travis Bunderson designed the logo for the T-shirts and hoodies for the youth conference.

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