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Sports View and More: Results are happening


After two weeks of conscious effort, results are happening. I am not sure that the weight is down very much because of my disdain for bathroom scales, but there are other ways to measure results and to feel good about ones self.
It is amazing the ways people try to change their lives and the scams that are out there. I am not looking for a quick fix; I am going for a life style change (LSC). I am going for a way that will allow me to enjoy life forever and participation in sports for another 10-15 years or more.
So far I have had suggestions of pills, funny diets, extreme activities and the list goes on and on. Late night television is full of ways to lose weight and take my money. I ain’t going to do it. I am not falling for any of those schemes that gives someone else my money and makes me poorer and mad and still slightly overweight.
Here is what I have discovered though. There is no way to lose weight if you do not burn more calories than you consume. There is no way to get in shape if you do not get off the couch and exercise. There is no way to live a long and happy life if you do not do both.
I have gone from a snug size 42 pant to a loose size 40 from making some simple adjustments. The first is walking, that simple little thing that most of us do every single day for short periods of time.
Walking is simple. Since we do not have a beach nearby so that we can go barefooted, you need a good pair of shoes to keep your feet from getting sore so that you do not quit. I walk two miles at a time at least four times a week. In Huntington, a mile is eight blocks.
I have greatly reduced (almost stopped) the amount of carbonated beverages that I consume. That is right, no more soda pop, not even those listed as diet. That stuff is not good for you, especially since we now have 64-ounce mugs available. Water should be the beverage of choice, lots and lots of water, today and everyday.
The results so far are encouraging. This will be a process that lasts forever. I can be the person of my dreams if I am but a little smarter and try a little harder. My goal for now is to wear a size 36 pant; I believe that I can do it by the middle of summer with proper and constant effort. Good luck to me and to all of you, life is too short not to live it to the fullest.

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