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Nail Emporium



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Becky Hurdsman Bunnell opened the Nail Emporium in April of 2003. Nail Emporium is a full service salon offering, hair, nails, massage, tanning, waxing and spa services. Nail Emporium is not only a salon but a boutique, she has home decor, candles, jewelry, frames, salon products, bath and body items and great gift ideas.
Becky has been a nail technician for 12 years and an instructor for three years. She taught the nail technician classes at CEU for three semesters until she opened the salon. Becky currently has two hair stylists, a nail technician and a massage therapist at Nail Emporium. She says owning a salon is a lot of work. But the thing she loves most about her career is the friendships she has built with her staff, clients and customers. Becky is a graduate of Emery High and is married to Tommy Bunnell and has four children; Mikah, Trace, Jeremy and Tyler.
Becky appreciates her family, friends and great clients for Nail Emporiums success. She welcomes those who have never experienced Nail Emporium to come and see what they have to offer. Nail Emporiums third annual holiday open house and craft fair will be Nov. 30 from 4-7 p.m.

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