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Cross country California to New York


Ezra Cooley with Jahob and Red as traveling companions pass through Green River on their way cross country to New York and beyond.

Ezra Cooley, 26, recently rode through Green River accompanied by his traveling companions Jahob and Red. Cooley is embarking on a cross country horseback journey from California to New York. Upon arriving in New York he’ll board a ship for Spain, then on to Africa. Finally he’ll undertake Australia, Alaska and British Columbia. From Canada he’ll travel another 1,200 miles to return home to California.
Cooley is a rodeo star and western reenactor. He is raising money on his journey through his website to help children with cancer. As Cooley passed through Green River he talked to many local people to raise awareness for his cause. Cooley was short on food for the horses as they passed through town and Terry Coppin and Fran Brown from the Green River Riding Stables and School helped him out with some grain.
Cooley said it took a long time to get from Richfield to Green River. He was unaware of the large expanses of desert and said he may have chosen another route if he had known. Nevertheless he persevered until arriving in what appeared to be an oasis in the desert. He was glad to see Green River, a motel and a hot meal and shower. After his brief stay in Green River he headed towards Grand Junction. Upon arriving in Grand Junction Ezra met some new friends, Ben and Marty Lenard. They had this to say about Ezra.
“Ezra Cooley and his best friends, Red and Jahob, rode into Grand Junction on June 10 and greatly touched our lives. A neighbor of ours, after talking to Ezra as he rode down F Road, came to us to ask if we would pasture the horses for the night. We were blessed to have Ezra and the horses spend two nights with us. Ezra went to church with us, was guest of honor at a picnic Sunday afternoon, entertained our two grandchildren with his wit and horse tricks, and made a wonderful impression on all who met him. My husband, Ben, even saddled up his horse and rode about 35 miles with Ezra on June 12 as the expedition continued towards Collbran, Colo. Ezra is such a calm, patient, intelligent, focused man, totally dedicated to his dream of riding around the world. In his humbleness, Ez puts the needs of his horses before his own needs. He truly has a way with, and heart for, children making it easy to see why he chose to raise funds for the National Children’s Cancer Society. We can’t say enough about this exceptional man. In just two days he became, and always will be, a part of our family. Our prayers will continue with him for the duration of his journey and after. We hope to be able to get to see him again when his passion has been fulfilled.
“If you have the opportunity to visit with Ezra as he rides along, share all you can with him, but know you will be the one receiving. We would recommend highly donations to the National Children’s Cancer Society. Let’s pray that an international sponsor will step up and do right in sponsoring this amazing endeavor,” said Ben and Marty Lenard.
Anyone wishing to follow along with Ezra on the website or make a donation can go to ezrasexpedition.com
Cooley has been traveling since early February and expects his around the world journey might take up to six years. It has been a dream of his to cross each continent on the same horse. Cooley relies on the kindness of strangers for board and breakfast and along the trail he pitches his tent. He tries to avoid major highways and travels along backroads where possible. His average is 20 miles a day and sometimes he and his horses will stay a couple of days to rest up before hitting the trail again.

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