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Truck driver dies in Green River

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A 36 year old Oregon man died in Green River on Aug. 9. According to Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn of the Emery County Sheriff’s Office the man was parked with a semi-truck in the overflow dirt parking lot at the West Winds Truck Stop.
Another truck backed up next to the other truck and the driver observed a man lying face down in the dirt. He called the Emery County Sheriff’s Office and deputies arrived on the scene and discovered the man was deceased.
The body was sent to the state medical examiners office where they determined the cause of death was coronary artery disease. Sgt. Blackburn said there was evidence of the man having struggled in the dirt and he was barefoot. He apparently got out of his truck to have a cigarette which he never lit and was struck with a heart attack.
The name of the deceased man was Brandon Eugene Munyon. Emery County officials made notification to the county sheriff in the town of his residence and family members were notified.

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