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100 Percent for Kids Credit Union Education Foundation Awards $13,244 to Emery County Schools



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Kelli Nelson, San Rafael Junior High art teacher accepts a check from Gary Arrington.

100 Percent For Kids Credit Union Education Foundation awarded $13,244 to two schools in Emery County School District on Aug. 25.
Huntington Elementary received $8,394 during a presentation at the school.
With this grant, Huntington Elementary will be able to purchase Smartboards, interactive whiteboards that will allow students to learn multiple subjects that redefines education and curriculum through the use of technology. Teachers will be able to access computer programs that will allow the board to project websites and other computer programs that follow the core curriculum.
“Today’s students live in a world that is extremely fast-paced, constantly changing, increasingly culturally diverse, technologically driven and media-saturated, and we cannot continue to deliver a 20th century, scientific-management, factory-model education,” said Collette Clement, teacher at Huntington Elementary. “The new context of the 21st century requires that we redefine education, school, curriculum, teacher and learner. It requires that we provide an education designed to help our students truly succeed.”

Collette Clement, Huntington Elementary, accepts the check from 100 Percent for Kids. Smartboards will be purchased with the money.

San Rafael Junior High received $4,850 during a presentation at the school.
The grant will help the school purchase a kiln and compressor that is used for airbrush and etched glass projects. As part of the core for Art Foundations I and II classes, ceramics are introduced and projects are completed that follow the core guidelines.
“We teach students slab pottery, coil pottery, pinch pots, glass etching and airbrush projects as part of the core curriculum to introduce different art mediums to the students,” said Kelli Nelson, art teacher at San Rafael Junior High.
“The Credit Unions are excited to provide these schools with the opportunity to use technology to improve and complete core curriculum guidelines,” said former Utah Senator Paula Julander, Director of 100 Percent For Kids Credit Union Education Foundation. “These tools will greatly enhance student’s ability to advance in their core studies.”
100 Percent of donations made to the 100 Percent for Kids Credit Union Education Foundation will reach Utah classrooms; not one cent will be spent on administrative costs. The Foundation will award $82,082 to Utah schools this quarter. The Foundation has awarded more than $3 million to schools since its inception in 2002. To make a donation, contact: Foundation Coordinator Liz Bourne, 1805 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, (801) 887-2329 or visit: www.100percentforkids.com.

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