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Letter to the Editor: Appreciation to people of Emery County

BRYANT ANDERSON Castle Valley Pageant Presidency

We write this letter to express our appreciation to the people of Emery County for their support of the Castle Valley Pageant. We are especially grateful to the Emery County Commission, The Emery School Board and Transportation Department, The Emery County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff’s Posse, The Emery County EMT’s, Emery County Fire Departments, The Youth City Council Organizations, Nielson Construction, City Sanitation, and the three LDS Stake Presidencies.
We have approximately 250 people who serve as cast members and Pioneer Village and staff support volunteers. Their efforts made the Pageant a great success.
The Pageant might be the biggest tourist attraction we have in Emery County as a large part of our audience is from out of the area. That is a really good thing for our local businesses.
We welcome everyone to attend the interesting and entertaining Pioneer Village and the inspirational Pageant next year. Bring your friends and neighbors and enjoy a pleasant evening in the foothills.
In conclusion, we appreciate Patsy Stoddard, the editor of this paper, for her wonderful pictures and promotion of the Pageant.

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