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Letter to the Editor: Us Postal Service Closures


I had this letter written and ready when I read the editorial by Emery County Progress Publisher Richard Shaw concerning the US Postal Service and changes affecting the paper as well as the rest of us. What I wrote will add to that.
I am wondering how many people know that the US Postal Service plans to close small post offices across the country? All canceling and sorting of mail would be done in one large city, instead of your local post office. In this area the central sorting and canceling would probably be done in Provo–or it could be Salt Lake City.
Moab already has no local sorting and canceling. All mail goes to Provo, even for Moab to Moab mail.
The result would cut costs for large corporate mailers who do much of their own sorting, but it would disrupt mail services and cost more for everyone else, including small businesses like this paper. Jobs would move from small towns to the big centers or be lost.
People everywhere need to express their opinion regarding this action of the US Postal Service.

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