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Anton’s Visitor



By COREY BLUEMEL Staff writer

Pastor Tim Lacock plays Anton who gives a warm drink to the street sweeper played by Tom Bell.

The First Baptist Church in Ferron presented a Christmas play entitled “Anton’s Christmas Visitor.” Members of the congregation played the parts and Pastor Tim Lacock played Anton. The story begins with Anton, a very depressed cobbler, during his first Christmas following the death of his wife and daughter.
Anton hears Jesus’ voice with a promise of a Christmas visit. He readies himself and his home for the special Christmas visitor. On Christmas morning he begins his anxious waiting.
During the wait, Anton hears a lonely, cold street sweeper in the street. He welcomes the man into his home for something warm to drink. Later in the day, Anton hears a widow woman and her child. He also brings them into his home for warmth and gives the baby a toy.
Another ruckus Anton hears is a street urchin stealing an apple from an apple seller. Anton stops the theft and pays for the apple so the urchin can have something to eat. When two beggars stroll by, Anton gives them coins from his purse.
At the end of the day, Anton is very disheartened because Jesus did not stop by and he goes to bed feeling very depressed again. During the night, he hears the voice again and Anton complains of the missed visit. Jesus explains that he visited with Anton four times during the day and each time Anton was welcoming and helpful.
Following the presentation of the play, the choirs from the congregation sang several Christmas carols, carols, and a cookie fellowship followed to complete the evening of Christmas celebration. Anton even though he did not meet Jesus face to face was able to show the love of Jesus to those he welcomed into his home. It is through others that Jesus meets the needs of the people on earth. Anton’s message seems to be to help those we meet along the way, without thought to ourselves. Through good deeds and service we can all become an Anton who answers the call to serve others in small ways.

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