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Canyon View takes first place in tourney



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Brandon McCandless wins first place in the heavyweight division. He wrestles for Canyon View.

Canyon View Junior High won the regional tournament by a score of 210. Mont Harmon was second with 167 points. San Rafael Junior High came in third with a score of 139. Helper Junior High had 125 points for fourth place.
Individual Results 75 pounds-first Wyatt Oveson, CVJH; second Leeden Johnson, CVJH; third Coldel Howard, HJH; and fourth TJ Robinson, MHJH.
81 pounds-first Tony Velasquez, MHJH; second Mckoy Allred, CVJH; third TJ Bettino, MHJH; and fourth Stetson Bennett, SRJH.
87 pounds-first Spencer Fehlberg,CVJH; second Kahill Hunt, MHJH; third Tyler Procarione, MHJH and fourth Paden Wells, CVJH.
93 pounds-first Bryce Jackman, MHJH; second Tanner Ewell, CVJH; third Cole Guymon, CVJH; and fourth Dillion Walls, CVJH.
99 pounds-first Dallen Wilson, CVJH; second Jason Avery, HJH; third Ashton Sicillia, MHJH; and fourth Tavin Miller, CVJH.
105 pounds-first Dylan Migliori, HJH; second Colten Collard, CVJH; third Tice Guymon, CVJH; and fourth Wyatt Nelson, SRJH.
111 pounds-first Shane Castanon, MHJH; second Carson Cox, SRJH; third Ryan Matkin, MHJH; and fourth Brady Larsen, CVJH.
118 pounds-first Paul Ramirez, MHJH; second Brayden Gregersen, MHJH; third Dillon Grimmett, HJH; and fourth Blayke Noyes, SRJH.
124 pound-first Tim Larsen, SRJH; second Carson Vanderherp, SRJH; third Dakota Tucker, CVJH; and fourth Dustin Kanakis, HJH.
132 pounds- first Caleb Woolsey, SRJH; second Chet Funk, CVJH; third Bobby Jones, HJH; and fourth Ky Jensen, CVJH.
140 pounds- first TJ O’Hearon, HJH; second Nathan Mecham, CVJH; third Stefan Larsen, MHJH; and fourth Brett Sorensen, SRJH.
148 pounds- first Sammy Manarite, MHJH; and second Robert Schade, CVJH.
155 pound-first Carson Tatton, MHJH; and second Kendan Huff, CVJH.
165 pounds-first Jordan Lake, CVJH; second Cody Dale, SRJH; third Marcas Montoya, MHJH; and fourth Brock Pruitt, MHJH.
175 pounds- first Kalin Reynolds, SRJH; second Brian Clark, SRJH; and third John Erickson, HJH.
HVY-first Brandon McCandless, CVJH; second Will Price, HJH; third David Scoggins, HJH; and fourth Isaiah Chacon, HJH.

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