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Commission hears updates from local power plant officials




Darrell Cunningham of Rocky Mountain Power.

Representatives from Rocky Mountain Power gave an update at the recent Emery County Commission meeting. Darrell Cunningham from Hunter power plant said they donated $5,000 for Sub for Santa to help 55 kids in Carbon and Emery counties.
There was a recent power outage on the southern end of the county. There was a problem in the switch yard which took Unit two off the line. People reported seeing a large flash. It was reported to be an anaomaly and the problem couldn’t be located. To minimize risk, a reconfiguring of switches will take place and if it ever happens again, Emery County won’t be without power. Crews from Salt Lake will be down for testing.
They recently hired a new engineer and are bringing in a few new people. There is a role change for Mark Mansfield who is now the vice president over safety and procurements.
Gary Denhalter reported that both units of the Huntington Plant are doing well. Both units are running well and the plant is set to receive a gold safety award. They have only had two reportable minor incidents. To stay at the gold level all year is a good achievement. Denhalter reported that Huntington receives power from the Huntington power house so when the rest of the county was without power, Huntington was not.
They are erecting a new training building at the Huntington facility. Nineteen equipment operators work out of a small building and the new building will be nice for them. This building is expected to be complete by March.
They will be putting steam air warmers back in place for Unit 2.
The plant also is installing new mercury level monitoring devices. They are working now. This is an ongoing process and they will be installed at Hunter as well. Deer Creek is having a long wall move to the Blind Canyon seam. The ash of the coal in this area should be lower, but it is unknown at this time what the fusion temperature will be. If it is high enough the coal can be burned straight. Huntington Plant is currently buying blend coal because of the high ash content of the coal in Deer Creek. If the coal can be burned straight, it would cut down on the trucks hauling into the plant.
Denhalter reported the Huntington Plant raised $2,500 for Sub for Santa and helped eight families.
Chuck Semborski from Energy West reported the seam they are moving into is just above the Hiawatha seam and just like moving upstairs. He also reported that Utah coal has the nations lowest mercury levels.
Deb Dull reported the utility is asking for a 11.3 percent rate hike. Utah is growing at a faster rate than surrounding states in Rocky Mountain Power’s service area.
In other commission business the commission approved an easement for Ferron City to pass over county property to reach city property.
The commission ratified the preconstruction engineering on the South Moore cut-off road with Johansen and Tuttle for Phase VII of the project.
They also ratified the contract with the State of Utah department of Technology Services for funding reimbursement for collection and delivery of corner coordinates and construction of digital parcel data base.
A change order for the pool was approved on the relocation of a water line for the fire line. The second change order for the concrete decks over the surge tanks was approved.
In personnel business, Ken Eley Jr. was approved for a full-time dispatch position with the Emery County Sheriff’s Office.
The commission approved the Utah Local Government Trust Workers Compensation for 2008.
The commission approved to start the process for recruitment for a full time planning and zoning technician.
Until someone can be hired, Tina Carter will help in the planning and zoning office. She was recently hired as a travel bureau secretary.

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