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Cleveland considers upgrades to ball fields

By COREY BLUEMEL Staff writer

In the recent council meeting for Cleveland Town, the council was given a report from Doug Rasmussen of Smuin Rich and Marsing accountants. This report was concerning the recent review of the town’s financial records. Cleveland Town’s revenue does not exceed the limits to require an audit. If the town’s revenue would have exceeded $350,000, an audit would have been required.
“Cleveland Town came in just under the limit,” said Rasmussen. “The revenue was $340,000 and therefore only required a review. If the revenue for this year exceeds the limits, you will need an audit next year.”
Rasmussen said based on the results of the review, Cleveland has met the fair standards of accounting in their financial dealings. “We know of no modifications that need to be done,” concluded Rasmussen. “All of our concerns have been discussed with the council and have been resolved.”
In the public comments portion of the meeting, two parents addressed the council. It is their concern for the childrens safety while playing baseball on the existing ball fields. They said the dirt in the infield is so hard it is like concrete. The children are not learning standard fielding methods due to the hard dirt. They requested some modification be done to the fields.
Greg Oliver, city councilman, stated the county has brought in nice red dirt to other fields in the county. “We need to check into that.” The council discussed making a small budget to help with the four sports groups, soccer, football, baseball and softball. The Emery County Recreation helps each town with some finances each year, but that amount does not cover any improvements and maintenance for the fields. It was stated the money covers some equipment.
Mayor Chris Parkins requested the two parents put together a plan for the renovation and any additional items that may be needed for the sports teams. “Get on the agenda and bring the proposal into next month’s meeting and we will try to help in any way we can,” said Mayor Parkins.
The next Cleveland Town meeting will be March 13, at 7 p.m. in the town hall.

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