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Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur quarry seeks rate increase



By COREY BLUEMEL Staff writer

Fees at the quarry have not increased for several years.

Mike Leschin of the Bureau of Land Management who oversees the operations at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry gave a presentation concerning the proposed fee increases at the site to the Emery County Public Lands Council during their regular meeting. Cleveland-Lloyd is one of the world’s foremost fossil resources. In 1998, when Leschin first began working at Cleveland-Lloyd, the entrance fees were $2 for adults and $1 for children 6 years and over. Those fees were raised $1 in 1999 and have remained at that rate.
Yearly visitors to Cleveland-Lloyd average around 5,000 with visitors in 2007 at a high of 6,000. Considering the amount of money which comes in and the number of visitors, the average income for the quarry is $2 per visitor.
After the 2006 season and for all of the 2006 season, the quarry was closed for renovations. These renovations expanded the visitor center and the spectator viewing of the dinosaur quarry and the excavation of the bones.
During that time, the Federal Lands Enhancement Act was passed and the entrance fees into the quarry were raised to $3 but allowed children under 16 to enter for free. This change in fees reduced the average income to $1.50 per visitor. If this proposed fee increase is put into affect, the average income per visitor will again be around $2.
Leschin feels the increase will allow the quarry to stay open throughout the summer during the week. When the quarry opens in the spring and just before closing in the fall, it is only open on weekends. During the summer months when visitor numbers are highest, the quarry is open during the week. If the proposed fee increase is not instituted, Cleveland-Lloyd may be forced to close during the week during the summer months.
Many developmental items, such as informational items and displays may also need to be cut back if the fees are not increased. Leschin is confident that there will be no cutbacks if this proposal is put in place. With the development planned for the quarry, Leschin expects an increase in the number of visitors to the site. Without the increase, the number of visitors is likely to drop.
Leschin told the public lands council that even if the increase is enacted, the fees to enter Cleveland-Lloyd will be lower than any other sites comparable to the quarry. Along with the visitor center and the tours offered by Cleveland-Lloyd, visitors to the quarry are able to view actual excavation of dinosaur bones. Many of the other places are only visitor centers without actual quarry work taking place.
The Emery County Public Lands Council agreed to support the proposed fee increase at Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry.

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