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Republicans host Lincoln Day breakfast



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District 70 Representative Kay McIff speaks to Republicans at the Lincoln Day breakfast.

The Republican Party held their annual Lincoln Day Breakfast to honor Abraham Lincoln and hear from local and state republican representatives. A flag ceremony was presented by the Buckhorn District Order of the Arrow.
Bill Dellos, chairman welcomed everyone to the gathering. Phil Fauver, delegate at large, introduced the speakers after Clerece Chidester sang all three verses of the National Anthem.
Dave Hansen spoke on behalf of Sen. Orrin Hatch. He spoke of the leadership of Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg address. Hansen said he has been coming to Emery County for 30 years since he was first elected as the party executive director. Hansen sent greetings from Sen. Hatch who said it is an honor for him to serve the people of Utah and Emery County. Hatch appreciates the comments and advice of his constituents. “It has been an interesting election so far. Utah overwhelmingly supported Mitt Romney. But, the attention has now been turned to John McCain. We need to get behind him and support him because the alternatives are not acceptable. Barack Obama is an inspiring and tremendous speaker, but we’re just not sure what he believes. We need to work hard to bring out the republican voters. You are the keystone to this party, to make sure that happens. You have good county officials here, the best in the state,” said Hansen.
Mike Mower spoke on behalf of the governor’s office. Mike said he is a Ferron native and very proud of that fact. In a meeting one day at the governor’s office there were several people there who had Emery County ties. One of the other people not from Emery County exclaimed, “Isn’t there anyone here that’s not from Emery County. Even the auditors are from Emery County.”
Mower said the governor appreciates the help he has received from Emery County. He thanked Rep. Kay McIff for his willingness to serve on the Utah Mine Safety Commission.
Mower told of coming to Emery County for Roots and Boots, a program presented by the Emery County Economic Development Council which brought Emery County natives back to the county to see what they might offer the county at this time. As a result of that effort, a business has now been brought into Price by Sorensen Communications which employs 18 people from Emery County with good wages and health benefits. The firm employs 51 people total and is a deaf relay business. This business was a result of the Roots and Boots effort for economic development. Liz Mower, Michaels wife, had the connection and didn’t give up on the idea of a business to bring economic development to Castle Country, she was inspired by the Roots and Boots presentation.
Mower said the governor’s office supports the development of the Lila Canyon mine. They support carbon sequestration for cleaner operating coal fired power plants. They are very concerned with coal mine safety and the implementation of the recommendations of the Utah Mine Safety Commission to the governor and the legislature.
At the governor’s state of the state remarks, he recognized two Emery County people for their strength and contributions. Wendy Sitterud Black, widow of mine rescuer Dale Black was honored and veteran Gordon Ewell who had 51 missions to locate and incapacitate land mines. Through his service he is now disabled.
“This is an election year, Utah is growing by 10 people per hour. We still have the hottest economy in the country,” said Mower.
Jason Powers spoke representing Mark Shurtleff, candidate for reelection as the attorney general. He said Shurteff is getting along well after two surgeries following his motorcycle accident. He thanked Emery County for the cards, letters and well wishes during his recovery. When Shurtleff came into office, Utah was one of the highest ranking in meth labs, now it is one of the states with the fewest meth labs. Shurtleff has stood up for ammendment rights to freedom of the press and the right to bear arms. He has been active in going after fraud and Utah is no longer among the top two states for fraud cases. Shurtleff has also gone after child predators and pornographers. Shurtleff has been active in securing help for underage women in forced marriages with polygamists.

Todd Weiler, state Republican vice chair.

“Obama may have inspiring words, but he is a liberal, an ultra liberal. I’ve heard even republicans saying he is a good candidate, go to his website, see what he stands for. Obama voted to remove all troops from Iraq before their job was done. Our troops need to be there to keep the peace. We need to get behind the republican party and behind McCain, you need to tell your friends how important it is,” said Powers.
Rep. Kay McIff was next. He said he would pledge support to SR-6. He traveled that road to Emery County and he said you bob and weave from two lanes to four and then back to two and it’s hard to keep up. “That’s the least safe stretch of road we have and we will address that. He said at the legislature they honored people who had died in battle. “It was a sobering experience, there were children, parents, grandparents,” said McIff.
He recalled participating in the dedication of the new War Memorial monument in Castle Dale on Veteran’s Day. Some have given the ultimate sacrifice.
McIff said they are working their way through a thousand bills in the legislature where he will exercise good judgment. He discussed his role in the Utah Mine Safety Commission. Where they worked their way through a lot of material in a short time. Their goal was to assure proper safety without saddling the industry with undue regulation.
McIff said Pres. Lincoln dreamed of equality and was a champion of the cause of inclusion. He said he is proud to be a Republican, Lincoln’s party. “Thanks for the opportunity to serve you,” said McIff.
Todd Weiler is the vice chair of the state republican party. He spoke of Lincoln and the man who spoke with him the day he delivered the Gettysburg address. Lincoln’s words were short, but long remembered and the other man who spoke for two hours has been forgotten. Weiler praised county Republican leaders, Bill Dellos and Phil Fauver for their work promoting the party.
Drew Sitterud was the final speaker. He said he would like to run again for Emery County Commissioner. This will be his third term if elected. He sits on the Community Impact Board and has helped secure several million for Grand, San Juan, Emery and Carbon counties. If he goes off the board it would be another 20 years before Emery County would get another seat on the board. The CIB funds have helped to build the fire station in Elmo, arena in Castle Dale, lighting in Huntington, and the new swimming pool facility in Castle Dale.
Sitterud said he would like to stay and see the Bureau of Land Management’s resource management plans put in place. If a democratic regime, takes over those RMPs if not completed could change and the counties could lose a lot. Sitterud said the county is in good shape financially and has money to live on. Emery County is one of the few counties that doesn’t borrow money to run on throughout the year. The pool project is moving along fine and will be done probably by August. He also said the county is partnering with SITLA in Green River on an industrial park. Green River has more water rights than any other city in Utah.
Upcoming events include the precinct caucus meetings on March 25 at 7 p.m. The county nominating convention is April 25 at 6 p.m. at Huntington Elementary. The state convention is May 10 in Salt Lake.

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