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Green River baseball continues against Wendover


"Caleb White anticipating the throw from Justin Johnson at home plate."


Justin Johnson, who to this point has been very consistent and showing the reason why he’s in the number 1 batting position was at the plate with Holden Marshall at third, McKay Thayn at second and Greg Johnson at first. The Pirate dug out was excited; scratch that, they were very excited. You see, the Pirates were having what you would call a ‘bad day’. On three earlier occasions they had the bases loaded and could not score. They were down 4-2 and three of the Wendover Wildcats runs were off Green River errors in the first inning. All game the frustration was mounting for each player. Nothing seemed to go right. But what’s this, in the top of the seventh inning of a seven inning game Holden Marshall heads to the batters box with two outs. The teams tries to generate some enthusiasm and Holden makes it to 1st on a walk. Now it’s Mckay Thayn’s turn. While at the plate and down in the count the pitcher throws an inside pitch that catches McKay on the arm – take your bag. The excitement builds as Greg Johnson makes his way to home with what had to seem like a heavy bat. A called ball here and a called strike there got what small Pirate contingent there was excited. With a full count and the pressure mounting, the Wildcat pitcher threw Greg a high one and now for the fourth time in a frustrating game that was trying the nerves of more than one Pirate the bases were loaded. Enter Justin. The rest is history-history the Pirates don’t want to repeat as they were in a situation they knew they created all by themselves. You guessed it, Justin pounded one hard right down the third base line just over the bag. Score Holden and McKay and the game is tied. The Pirates couldn’t generate the go ahead run but they battled back to tie the score. Man, nothing like the score to brighten faces. As the Pirates headed to the field they seemed to run a little faster, a little more determined. Three more outs and they keep the ‘drive alive’.
Elias Polito was on the mound; in for Caleb who had just thrown 120 pitches. Elias quickly took care of the first two Wildcats but allowed a walk on the third. With the go ahead run at first, the eighth batter in the line up stepped to the plate. The runner at first advanced to second and the tension was mounting as the would be hero Wildcat connected with the ball, sending it to the gap in left center. Ouch.
The Pirates traveled 5 1/2 hours to play 12 inning of base ball and only played 11. The second game saw the Pirates unveil a new look sporting an all black ‘Under Armor’ shirt with the players names on the back. The new look gave them new energy as the Pirates left town an inning early as they amassed and held a 10 run lead at the end of the fourth. Time for more travel. You gotta love 1A sports.

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