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Castle Dale fire station to receive facelift


"The Castle Dale Fire Department building will undergo remodeling and updating. "

By COREY BLUEMEL Staff writer

During the recent Castle Dale City Council meeting, the council approved to sign the interlocal agreement between Castle Valley Special Service District and Castle Dale City regarding the B and C road funds. This agreement states Castle Dale City will give 15 percent of those B and C road funds to the special service district each year. In past years the city has given 90 percent of their B and C funds to the CVSSD every 10 years. These funds are for the maintenance, such as crack sealing and chip sealing of the city streets.
Craig Bunnell, attorney for the special service district wrote this interlocal agreement. CVSSD desires to change the previous policy because they feel this is the best plan for the roads and the cities and towns.
Mayor Neal Peacock said, “The special service district is moving from a construction district to a maintenance district. This new agreement will help the city and the special service district to continue. It is my recommendation for the council to sign this agreement.” Mayor Peacock also noted that each year, if the amount of the B and C road funds goes up, the amount Castle Dale will pay will go up, and if the funds go down, the city will pay less.
In the planning and zoning report, Kerry Lake, administrator, reported that Richard Herring, ordinance enforcement officer, has checked on the request from Headquarters to install a propane tank. Herring will continue to talk with other businesses in the area to get their feedback on this request.
Lake also stated the general plan for the city is still under discussion, and NIMS training will be available just prior to the November city council meeting.
Councilman Jeremy Jewkes announced a structural engineer has been hired for the update and remodel project at the fire station. Watson Engineering will complete the work. Jewkes also announced the animal control officer for the city has resigned due to moving out of the area, and the process needs to begin to find a replacement. The process will also begin to make a wording change in the animal control ordinance.
The fall burn window for the city will be Sept. 25-Oct. 24. Burn permits can be picked up at the city office during business hours and are free.
Mayor Peacock reported the juveniles who burned the playground equipment at Cheddar Park have been to court. He attended to make a statement for Castle Dale. The cost to replace the equipment is $49,000 and will be paid for by the juveniles.
Councilperson Kollette Cologie announced plans are underway for the annual Pumpkin Festival to be held near Halloween. There will be a thank you dinner on Sept. 30 for the volunteers who gave of their time to water the flowers around the city during the summer.
Councilman Joel Dorsch reminded everyone to have their list of items to be auctioned at the upcoming city surplus auction. This auction, and the list, will be published prior to the auction.
The next Castle Dale City Council meeting will be held Oct. 14 at 7 p.m. in the city hall building.

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