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Huntington City awards beautification prizes


"Lindsay Kelly in her back yard with the new lawn and gravel around the edges of the yard. The Kelly's won most improved yard."

By GARY ARRINGTON Sports writer

Huntington resident Jim Hansen was on the Huntington City Council September agenda to revisit the issue of city pay raises. Hansen feels the city has “outrageous salaries” and that the city has come up with justification for salary increases. Hansen is “disappointed in the way the city is handling the wage structure. He wants the city to run like a business, to use manpower wisely and to not go bankrupt.”
Hansen stated that the economy has been in a “major decline” since 2001 and that many have lost their jobs. Hansen said that all of us have lost income and that salaries have been cut in order for us all to keep a job. Hansen thinks it would be better “if we were more like Helper.”
The city responded that the budget is balanced, that the budget has shrunk in conjunction with the economy, that the city has not raised taxes and that the city has more reserves than other cities our size. A citizen responded that Helper has just raised taxes 65 percent. Helper also has infrastructure problems and limited water supplies.
Huntington resident Michelle Anderson thought that whoever was responsible for the signs around town to sign them so that people would know who placed them. Anderson read a letter from a local business owner that had removed the signs from his business praising the city and its staff for getting the best bang for their buck.
Anderson praised the upkeep of the rodeo arena and how much the users appreciate the facility. Brent Gordon, who was called Mr. Hilary Gordon on the sign, was appointed by previous mayor Jackie Wilson and does a great job year round in keeping the grounds user friendly. Anderson then commented that the pay for city officials was not huge and that this is not Bell City, Calif. Anderson then closed by asking not to be compared to Helper; our city is growing and looks beautiful. Jodi Richardson addressed the council and stated that she was the one that added Mr. Hilary Gordon to the sign and she meant no malice.
In other business, Dennis and Kaylene Pearson were awarded by the beautification committee the “Most Beautiful yard” prize. Lindsey and JP Kelly were awarded the “Most Improved yard” prize. Gloria Wilson, chairman of the beautification committee, made these awards.
The council changed the ordinance for side and rear setbacks for accessory buildings from eight feet to four feet. The city also approved a resolution to charge for research regarding GRAMA compilation charges.
The city also approved a resolution on fees for rental of the rodeo grounds to for profit users and a resolution for use of the city park pavilion to groups that need power and use of the concession stand.
Mayor Hilary Gordon stated that UDOT would be installing crosswalk striping around the elementary school that will last up to 10 years. It was also reported that the street construction projects were almost done for the year around the city.
Councilman Travis Larsen said the council had been looking at turning the Huntsman Motors building into a fire station. The city had an engineer look at it and the cost would be approximately $400,000 on top of the purchase price. The city is now looking into the cost of a new fire station or remodeling the old station. Jackie Wilson stated that remodeling the old station is just putting a band aid on it. Mayor Gordon said she would really like the citizens input concerning the fire station.
Larsen also mentioned that there are about 20 homes in Huntington that will soon lose either their water connection or their secondary connection due to non-payment of their bills. Those home owners should respond quickly.

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