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Pioneer cabin returns home


"Owen Olsen of Cleveland stands outside his newly restored cabin."


A pioneer cabin finds its way almost home in the town of Cleveland. The old cabin sat on the Gardner farm in Cleveland. As plans were made to install a pivot on the property the old cabin was in the way. Owen Olsen saw the old cabin and told Natlie Gardner that he would like to restore the cabin and move it into town onto his property. So, Olsen took the cabin home one piece at a time. The cabin is finished for now, but Olsen believes it will be an ongoing project as he tinkers with it.
Olsen said the cabin was first built in town by David Timothy and was one of the first houses built in Cleveland. It was near where the cabin has been relocated. It was moved to Jimmy Atwood’s property at the Clemo junction where Olsen said it was lived in and later became a granary.
Olsen has worked hard to restore the cabin as close to its original state as possible. He used straw in the chinking which helps hold the mud in place better to seal the cracks between the logs.
The furnishings for the cabin said Olsen have been “begged, borrowed and stolen.” He has purchased some items and he said Boyd Griffin has given him some items for the cabin. He wants to keep all of the furnishings for the cabin in the pioneer era. Mark Rudman gave Olsen a stove for the cabin. Olsen is a craftsman and he has built many of the items for the cabin himself.
On. Sept. 11, Olsen felt like he had come far enough along with the project to invite the Gardners and Atwoods out to see the project. Natalie and father, Jimmy Atwood walked through the old cabin to see the restoration work performed by Olsen.
Olsen kept the cabin open all throughout the day for the residents of Cleveland to visit.
Olsen said now that he is retired he really likes working on projects to keep him busy. He recently completed a small fire station for his antique fire truck Jasper. Olsen will continue to work on the cabin to bring back memories of the past as he keeps projects for the future in mind.
The restored cabin will be a benefit to the residents of Cleveland. They can bring family members to visit the cabin and remember the ways of the past and the pioneers. The school children will be able to visit the cabin to learn about their pioneer heritage. Olsen has a passion for keeping the past alive and remembering years gone by.

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