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RSVP annual awards luncheon honors volunteers


"Commissioner Laurie Pitchforth and Sylvia Nelson. Nelson receives several awards at the event."

By PHIL FAUVER Guest Writer

The Retired Senior Volunteer Program members and guests were given a recognition dinner, catered by Gilly’s of Ferron. Sponsored by the RSVP also known as the Volunteers of America Senior Corp organization.
Gerry Stotler, a resident of Ferron, and the Senior Services Coordinator for Volunteers of America, Emery County directed the activities. Gerry Stotler gave an enthusiastic welcome to everyone and introduced Sue Weaver, the Director of Senior Services for Volunteers of America, Senior Corp from the Salt Lake City office.
Sue Weaver said, “The Volunteers of America’s vision statement is to go where we are needed most and do what is most needed. To help those that cannot help themselves”.
Gerry said. “San Juan County recently signed a contract with volunteers of America to start a RSVP program. She went to San Juan County and trained the new RSVP people. RSVP is a federal program under Senior Corps”.
This dinner at the Orangeville Community Center was given in recognition of the many hours Emery County RSVP volunteers put in helping others in this community. Gerry put this banquet together with the help of her husband Jerry Stotler, the folks from Gilly’s in Ferron, and Sue Lute and many other volunteers.
The Val Jensen Band provided the evenings entertainment.
More than 50 RSVP volunteers came to the dinner including Commissioner Pitchforth. These volunteers came for the dinner of Oriental chicken salad, chicken enchiladas, with beans and rice and for dessert a brownie with ice cream. They also came to participate in the drawing for door prizes, the music and recognition awards.
When people came through the door of the Orangeville Community Center, they were given a numbered ticket to be used in the drawing for gifts from local merchants. They were also given a blue bag gift from the Humana Company. The bag was partially filled with many useful items such as a bottle of water, a first aid kit, a small flash light and candy.
This was to celebrate the Theme Walk Around the World from Castle Dale to Castle Dale using pedometers given to volunteers to record their steps as they walk. RSVP volunteers earn hours for RSVP as they walk and do volunteer work. Gerry Stotler, said “We are near the 5,000 mile mark as we work towards 20,000 miles from Castle Dale to Castle Dale.”
Each dining table represented a country in the world with a map of that country, in a vase, for the place setting.
Willard Tharp and his wife Jeanette came dressed in traditional Mexican costumes.
Stotler announced for the 55 and older trip by bus, scheduled for May of 2011. The Emery County RSVP Volunteers of America are planning a trip May 22-28 of 2011. They will leave from Castle Dale and travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore and visit many sites along the way, such as the US presidents immortalized in stone at Mount Rushmore, the spectacular views traveling through the famous black hills, the Crazy Horse Monument, Buffalo and other wildlife in the Black Hills. The cost of the trip is $575.
Jerry Stotler was given a Good Citizen Award for helping wherever and whenever help was needed. Celeste Lute received the Super Staff Award for being a great leader of the RSVP Advisory Council.
Ed Eckersley received an award for his excellent fund-raising ability.
Jedie Richins received the Volunteer Award as she retires from many years of service to RSVP. Sylvia Nelson received three awards for her dedication and service. She had been a member of the board of directors for seven years. Nelson received the Volunteer Award as she retires from many years of service, the Advisory Council Award from Celeste Lute, and the Above and Beyond Award for exceptional service.
Judi Bishop gave an award to Gerry Stotler for her work as administrator of the RSVP program in Emery County. Gerry Stotler received the Footprints Plaque and cup in appreciation for service to RSVP. The awards ceremony concluded the meeting.

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