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Commissioner Nelson takes his oath




On Jan. 18 Commissioner elect James Nelson was sworn into office by Clerk/Auditor Brenda Tuttle. Commissioner Nelson missed the original swearing in on the first Monday of January at noon because he was visiting his sister in Australia. County elected officials and employees came to the swearing in to welcome Commissioner Nelson to his new position.
Commissioner Nelson said, “I’m anxious to get going. I’m excited to get started.”
Nelson is very conscious of the fact the Emery County people have put their trust in him for the position of county commissioner. He recently returned to Emery County from a trip to Australia, he said he saw some beautiful sites and people, but it was all second to Emery County. Emery County has spectacular scenery he wouldn’t trade. He was born in Moab and grew up in Emery County. One of his goals is to maintain Emery County’s lifestyle and to improve upon it.
“I want to move forward and do wise things in tough times as we go about the business of the county,” said Nelson.
Nelson describes himself as ready to serve. He has a deep love for Emery County and said he is a dyed in the wool Emery County-ite. At times in his life he didn’t live in Emery County he always wanted to come back. His children who don’t live here wish they could come back here to live, and Nelson said they could if there were jobs for them. He is happy to see opportunities for economic development come to the county, so Emery County young people can stay here. Nelson believes economic development is the key to sustaining and creating jobs and filling our schools with children again. Money should be spent in the county to promote local business as well as create new businesses so people can stay here. The closing of CONSOL mine is a great loss to our area because people are forced to leave the area to look for work.
Nelson said we live in a very scenic area and wilderness is a big issue. He’s supportive of the approach the Emery County public lands council is taking in preparing a land use bill for Congress.
In the near future, Nelson is scheduled to meet with Bureau of Land Management state director, Juan Palma to discuss public lands in Emery County.
Nelson’s father and grandfather farmed in the Ferron area and Nelson today still lives on the family farm in Ferron.
Nelson believes the Emery County people are its greatest assets and second to that is the lifestyle.
“I am excited to go to work. I know I have a huge learning curve. I am even more in the dark than when I was a beginning teacher. Commissioners Pitchforth and Horrocks will train me and I am excited to work with them. The officials and employees of Emery County are competent people. I am happy to be a part of the Emery County team.”

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