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New associate at Mark Tanner law office



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The law office of Mark Tanner would like to introduce their newest employee. Travis Blackburn joined the business recently. He is an associate attorney along with Mark Tanner. Tanner recently returned to Emery County from a sabbatical to the Dominican Republic. Blackburn maintained the law office in Orangeville and Huntington in Tanner’s absence.
Blackburn said he does everything associated with a law practice. He meets with clients, builds files and documents and attends hearings with clients. “My favorite is criminal defense and ensuring that clients receive due process and a fair trial. We handle bankruptcy, family law, custody and divorce. I live in Price with my wife Tammy who is a speech therapist and our three children including 6 year old Elizabeth, 3 year old Rachel, and 1 year old Matthew.
“My father, Dennis Blackburn grew up in Emery. He was a podiatrist with a practice in Carbon County before he passed away. I did my undergraduate work at Brigham Young University and attended law school in Missouri. Most of my family lives in Utah, so when I finished law school we wanted to move back to Utah to be close to our families. I was a clerk for a judge in Utah County for a time and worked for a firm in Price before coming to work with Mark Tanner. I really like it out here. The people are really nice and friendly and generous, they bring us vegetables and are really giving.
“When I’m not working I enjoy sports, basketball, and being outdoors fishing and camping. I like to read and I like to study history. Some day in the future, I would like to travel.
“I really like helping people. I like to help them to understand the court room and the legal process and how it works. I like to help take away their anxiety and nervousness. It’s very fulfilling to help people through the legal process and to let them know, they can get through it and continue living their lives. We act as counselors and confidantes. We need to work to remain objective on our cases and keep things in perspective because oftentimes our clients are very emotional. We work to prepare our clients for all situations and help them put things behind them so they can rebuild.
“People make mistakes but it’s important for them to know they can get on with their lives,” said Blackburn. He works out of the Huntington office and sees clients from Price and Emery County there or he can meet with clients at the court house in Price or wherever it’s convenient for the client.
Tanner invites everyone to get to know Travis Blackburn and let him help you with any legal need you may have. The numbers for the law office are: 435-687-5577, 748-5577 and 636-5577.

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