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Huntington Library book club


"Huntington Library book club gathers to hear Carla Kelly, author."

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The Huntington Library book club hosted Carla Kelly, local author at their recent meeting. Ms. Kelly has written 20 plus books. The book she spoke of this day was My Loving Vigil Keeping. This story revolves around life in Winter Quarters mining camp. It is a historical romance which depicts all of the different nationalities that gathered together to live and work together in the coal mines. It details their social life and interactions as a new school teacher comes to town and falls in love with the town, the children and a widowed coal miner. Ms. Kelly is originally from New York and now lives in Wellington.
Flora Motte is the Huntington Librarian and she helps with the book club. Those in attendance this day included: Betty Moore, Sylvia Nelson, Nancy Espanet, Lois Maxfield, Joyce Guymon, Mikie Carter, Gloria Wilson, Cathy Cowley, Talana Iire, Marlene Myasaki, Karen Wheeler, Bernice Payne, Frances Swasey, Janet Geary, Connie Gilbert, Julie Miller, Connie Christensen, Marian Roper, Kay Jeffs assistant librarian and Flora Motte, librarian.
To read any of Ms. Kelly’s books contact your local library. Other titles from this author include: Daughter of Fortune, Summer Campaign, Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour, Marian’s Christmas wish, and many others.

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