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Orangeville gives ideas for scout projects

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Orangeville City Council held their regularly scheduled meeting Feb. 14, at Orangeville City Hall. Mayor Pat Jones opened the meeting with a prayer and a pledge of allegiance. The bills and warrants and minutes were first to be approved. After the above business was taken care of four scouts appeared before the council to request suggestions for possible Eagle Scout projects that would benefit the city. The scouts making the request were Riley Rasmussen, Mason Moss, Andrew Madsen and Logan Cox. The City Council made several suggestions for projects in the Orangeville City Welcome Park, such as building a gazebo, the putting in of cement pads for the gazebo and for park benches. The building of a sidewalk along the south side of Orangeville’s Welcome Park by the creek and the putting of house numbers on the curbs throughout the city were also suggested.
During the discussion about the Welcome Park, it was discovered that the city did not have a coordinated design plan for the Orangeville City Welcome Park. An old outdated plan for the Orangeville City Welcome Park was found and rejected.
Mayor Pat Jones requested Councilman Brent Tuttle to work on a new design for the Welcome Park. Councilman Ben Orgill reported that there are plans underway to add electricity to the Welcome Park for lighting and the sprinkler system.
Kaitlyn Nicholson thanked the city council for making it possible for her and Sara Roberts to attend the Officials Day at the State Legislature. They were able to meet with Senator David Hinkins and Rep. Kay McIff while there and had a very enjoyable visit.
Councilmember Carol Stilson asked for and received approval to purchase Christmas decorations and spring decorations for Orangeville City Streets. They will cost the city $4,300 to be paid half this year and half next year.
The project priority list for 2013 was reviewed. There will be some curb and gutters built, the sprinkler system in the cemetery needs work, and a water main is to be replaced at 100 south to 100 east.
Mayor Jones would like funds to build a shed on city property to protect the winter road salt from the weather. When the salt gets wet it becomes like a rock and has to be broken up before it can be used in the salt spreader on the winter streets. The shed would also be used to house the two city backhoes and other equipment.
Ruanne Leeflang requested the city consider purchasing a laptop computer to replace her personal computer. Leeflang has been using her computer to take minutes of city meetings and other city business.
Carole Larson requested that the person who borrowed her set of keys to the city building to please return the keys. Mayor Jones reminded everyone that an election will be held this year for the office that was vacated by James Davis and is currently held by Brent Tuttle.

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