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Zions pays for As program


"Customer Service Manager Dawna Houskeeper along with Hayden Johnson and Joel Hatch. "

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The average teenager now sends and receives approximately 60 text messages each day, and spends about nine hours a week on social networks. As researchers quantify modern teenage life, Zions Bank is rewarding teens who work hard for one timeless status update: “Got an A today.” Grades still matter, and students like Canyon View Junior High School eighth grader Kody Holmes and San Rafael Junior High student Hayden Johnson know it. Holmes and Johnson recently won a $100 scholarship savings account through the Zions Pays for A’s program, which partners with parents and teachers to recognize academic achievement.
“Now more than ever Zions Bank understands it takes community support to help our teens realize good grades, and the discipline needed to earn them, will have a lasting impact on their lives,” said Huntington Branch Manager Joel Hatch. Hatch surprised Holmes with his winnings at a Feb. 13 school assembly. He is the son of Vicky and Eldon Holmes of Cleveland.
Open to all Utah and Idaho students ages 13 through 18, the Zions Pays for A’s program offers cash incentives for good grades. To participate, students bring their most recent term-end report cards from the current academic year into any Zions Bank location. They’ll receive $1 per “A” deposited into their savings accounts, or 50 cents per “A” if they opt for cash. For each “A” on their report cards, students receive automatic entries to win one of 152 regional scholarship prizes worth $100 and one grand prize worth $1,000.
Earlier this year, Holmes and Johnson brought their report cards with at least one “A” grade into Zions Bank’s Huntington office. Names were randomly selected in a drawing among entrants from throughout the Emery County area.
Hatch surprised Johnson with his winnings at a Feb. 13 school assembly. Johnson is the son of Doug and Tracey Johnson of Orangeville.

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