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Miner loses life at cave-in at Rhino Mine


"Coal miner Elam Jones lost his life in the cave-in at Rhino Mine on Friday afternoon. The call reporting the incident came into dispatch at 3:12 p.m. Elam was from Huntington."


Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk reported the Emery County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received an emergency call of a mine cave-in at the Rhino Mine in Bear Canyon, 10 miles west of Huntington. The call came in at 3:12 p.m. on March 22 reporting that two coal miners were buried in the cave-in. Emery County Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as two ambulances were dispatched to the scene. One coal miner was rescued and transported by ambulance to Castleview Hospital in Price. Rescue efforts continued for the second coal miner. Members of the Rhino Mine Rescue Team recovered the body of the second coal miner involved in the cave-in. The miner who passed away from his injuries was Elam Jones of Huntington and the injured miner was listed as Dallen Mcfarlane. He was treated and released at Castleview Hospital.
Sheriff Funk said it was reported the miners were pulling pillars at the time of the incident. Jones was running the miner and Dallen McFarlane was the assistant to the miner operator. Sheriff Funk said it was reported the portion of the roof that came down was two feet thick and 10-12 feet in length. The miner was buried in the collapse. Jones was reported to be unresponsive after the cave-in and appeared to have died immediately from his injuries, being severely crushed by the rock and coal.
Investigation of the mine cave-in will be conducted by MSHA.
Jones leaves behind his wife Jaqlynn and two young children.
The Jones family said Elam loved coal mining. He loved his friends and co-workers at the mine. Elam was an avid hunter, fisherman and snowmobiler. He loved the outdoors and spending time with his family.

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