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Letters to the Editor

By Jerry Stotler Ferron

The silence of the left while Christians are terrorized

The Muslim Brotherhood has been carrying out an aggressive campaign of violence and vandalism against Christians in Egypt. The liberal community never seems terribly concerned about the persecution of Christian minorities. The same pseudo intellectuals that have agonized us about whether freedom of speech should be curtailed in order to avoid offending Muslims, don’t seem a bit upset about the destruction of Coptic churches, and other Christian property in Egypt by the Muslims.
We have seen this kind of behavior before during the late 1930s and early 1940’s under Nazi Germany. But …, but …, but didn’t we hear, “Never Again!” after WWII? Didn’t we, the victors of WWII decide, “never another holocaust”? Or was that just talk? Instead of the Nazi Party brutalizing Jews, now we have the Muslim Brotherhood and their ilk brutalizing Christians. While these people target Christians, the Left is again silent, just like they were preceding and during WWII when Hitler was the big bad bully.
The liberal machine cranks out outrage when someone criticizes Muslims or Pres. Obama.
Where is that same liberal outrage against the violent attacks on Coptic Christians as there is against the mere criticism of Muslims? Hypocrisy! While you are getting upset about someone criticizing Muslims, Muslims are brutalizing the Coptic Christians in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East. But you, by your silence, are demonstrating that you approve of it. Hypocrites! Get it fixed. I have had it with your nonsense. At least make some attempt to be intellectually honest. And that’s my opinion.

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