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Sport’s stuff by Gary Arrington


You have to love this time of the year in sports. There is some sport going on just about everywhere all the time whether locally or across the mountain or on TV, it just doesn’t matter.
Here in Emery County, high school football has taken the field and fans should be pleased with the effort on opening night. While not perfect, but then again whatever is, the Spartans put on a dominating display. It was fun to watch and if you can’t catch it live, Emery Telcom televises it on channel 10.
If somehow football is not your thing, I am not sure how that is possible because everybody loves football, but if football is not your thing you can watch high school cross country, high school tennis, high school golf and for real excitement and energy, high school volleyball.
If this is not enough sports, USU Eastern has college volleyball, a game that is even played faster than the high school edition. If the local college is not enough, BYU, the University of Utah, Utah State, Snow College and their second ranked football junior college team all are calling out your name to come watch me. Sports are found everywhere and with a short drive one can find a game to watch.
And then the pro sports, ah yes, pro sports. Major League baseball, the NFL, the NBA, pro soccer. For the diehard, there is never too much sports, that is why ESPN is such a thriving channel because we like sports all the time and we like it over and over and over.
Sports are found everywhere and I have favorite teams such as the Utah Jazz and the San Francisco 49er’s and the Atlanta Braves and the San Francisco Giants. I have and will continue to travel to watch these teams play, notice I left off Denver, but to make my wife happy we went to a Bronco’s game. It is the little things that you do that allows you to do the other things one really enjoys.
But when it is all said and done, my favorite is still high school sports and right here in Emery County we can watch live, good sports week after week after week. Get out of the house, get off the couch, and come out to a ball game. Have fun, enjoy yourself and I guarantee that if you give it a try, you will come back for more. See you at the game, go Emery. Emery travels to Grand this Friday and to Richfield and Delta in the next three weeks. If you need an excuse for a night out, try going to an away game where the teams need the support from the home crowds.

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