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Castle Dale City explains new burn permit procedure

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Castle Dale City talked about the new procedure for obtaining a burn permit. Burn permits can no longer be picked up at city hall. You must fill out a burn permit application through the Division of Air Quality. There are three ways to do this. The burn window for Castle Dale is Sept. 15-Oct. 13.
You can complete an application online at www.airquality.utah.gov/Compliance/OpenBurning. Completing this form online is the easiest and fastest way to obtain an open burn permit. An electronic copy of the application is automatically submitted to the county or municipal fire authority upon completion.
You can also call the Department of Air Quality and complete an application over the phone. A DAQ inspector will ask the applicant for the required information and complete the application in just a few minutes.
A hard copy of the application may be completed and submitted by mail to the DAQ for electronic processing. To request a hard copy of the open burn permit application, contact the DAQ by phone at 801-536-4000. It may take up to 14 days from the date of request to receive an open burn permit if a hard copy is submitted for processing.
If you need to obtain a special burn permit while the burn window is closed, it will now cost you $25 which you can pay at city hall and must be cleared through the Castle Dale Fire Chief. An open burn permit during the open burn window is free. Mayor Neal Peacock stressed the importance of obtaining a burn permit because if you burn without a permit and the fire gets out of control you will be charged for putting out the fire.
The city adopted a water ordinance for properties that use culinary water for outside watering. Those people are under the same regulations and restrictions as those with secondary water. This mainly applies to the trailer court. A public hearing was already held on the matter and those comments were worked into the ordinance. After this ordinance is posted for 30 days it will become law for Castle Dale City.
The Goddard’s addressed the council on troubles they are having with their address and getting packages delivered. The consensus was this is a rural problem and happens to everyone because post office box numbers aren’t considered valid addresses when it comes to shipping. Sometimes when ordering packages there is an override button which will allow a box number to be used. Mayor Peacock said they will talk to the senators representing Utah and see if this problem can be addressed. He will also bring it up in the next COG meeting where all the mayors in the county meet and discuss issues.
A dedication of the new portion of the Castle Dale Cemetery will take place on Oct. 10 at 6:30 p.m. right before the next city council meeting. There will be a ribbon cutting to officially open the new addition to the cemetery. Plots are now for sale in the new section. The dedication will take place at the west entrance.
The city is upgrading its computer systems and will add another user to the system as well as upgrade programs needed to take care of the city’s accounting system. The council approved up to $6,500 for these upgrades and the training needed for the office workers. The city has two new staff members Lael White is the new recorder and Jackie Collard is the new treasurer.
Mayor Peacock said the city was paying a consultant $100 a month to keep the website updated, but Lael will take over that responsibility now. She will also email out agendas to the city council members each month.
The city workers will be out trimming trees and branches which overhang intersections and obstruct stop signs. The city is done watering for the season. Once the irrigation is shut-off the pond will be filled one more time to keep the football field watered. A new light will be installed at the fairgrounds.
Oct. 10 is fire prevention day and the Castle Dale fire department will visit the elementary school and do an assembly and teach fire safety education. The number one fire in homes is in the kitchen. They will give out hand-outs and fire hats to the students. The fireworks for next summer have been ordered.
Castle Dale City approved a $1,000 reduction in the building permit fee for the county for the weed and mosquito building. The county needs two sewer connections and one water connection for the building. The road into the building runs across private land. A water share must be given to Castle Dale City before the water hook-up is approved.
The council approved a sponsorship to the CEU Wildman golf tournament which raises funds for a scholarship for two Emery County students to attend USU Eastern. The tourney is on Sept. 28 and Mayor Peacock will find the golfers who must pay their own cart and green fees.
Castle Dale fire department held an appreciation dinner for all volunteers which was well attended. The beautification committee will be writing thank you letters to residents for keeping up their yards and they will be encouraged to look for things they can do to improve their yards in the future.
Nosh Arrien, fire chief suggested the town look at purchasing a trailer where sand bags can be stored to be ready for potential flooding events in the future. He will look into prices for trailers.
Council member Julie Pizzuto said Castle Dale needs a CERT organization to help in emergency situations and anyone wishing to volunteer to start such an organization should contact the city. The sheriff’s office teaches the classes to become certified in this area.
Council member Joel Dorsch said a decision needs to be made on whether or not Castle Dale City keeps the lights over Main Street for Christmas. It costs $2,000 for the rental of the equipment to put-up and take down these decorations. Citizens in Castle Dale have donated money for these decorations. The council decided to keep doing it, because UDOT is very picky about what can go across their roads and since Castle Dale has permission to do this they should continue. The money for the decorations is in the budget.
Pizzuto said her opinion is she would rather see money go into Christmas decorations than fireworks.
The city will look into the cost of a lift truck for the future. Dorsch will be cutting down some trash trees by the fairgrounds while the lift truck is rented. The sprinkler system on the ball field is complete, although a main line crashed during the project. Many underground lines from other projects were found during the installation.
It was determined the timers from the indoor arena will not be loaned out to other events. Council member Jeremy Jewkes said for the Ferron Peach Days each council member takes charge of an event. He suggested that for Castle Dale Day this could be an option. Dorsch said he would like to expand Castle Dale Day. He would like to move the timing of the event to the same time as the Desertview Pro Rodeo which is July 24-26 next year. There has been some talk of moving the rodeo into June to pick up more cowboys who are in the state at that time attending other Utah rodeos. But, for 2014 the rodeo will run July 24, 25 and 26.
Dorsch said there are some things he would like to do to improve the city celebration. Mayor Peacock said that sounded great and should be discussed in January when the new mayor and council members are in place.
Mayor Peacock reported good news in the budget report and sales tax revenue is up for the quarter.
The Castle Dale Halloween party will be on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. There will be dessert and pumpkin carving and activities. The event will be held at the recreation center.

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