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Huntington City announces fall clean-up Oct. 8


In a relatively short city council meeting, the Huntington September City Council meeting was all about business. The Council approved a business license for Pacee Allred to work from her home, approved a bid to remove some trees from behind City Hall and approved accepting a land donation from Roma Powell that is basically a road.
Boyd Wilson reported on the progress of building a memorial to fallen coal miners from Huntington at the park by the cemetery. Wilson reported that the foundation is now poured. Wilson also reported that they have come up with 49 names to go on the memorial but he is asking the public to call him or the city if they know of others that might should be included.
Councilman Jeff Cowley announced a fall clean-up day of October 8th at 6 pm. The beautification committee is encouraging local residents to help that night. Councilwoman Gloria Wilson announced that the secondary water will go off on Oct. 15th. It may take a day or two to drain the lines depending on weather.
Councilman Jerry Livingston reported that new benches at the cemetery are starting to go in and that they are looking good. The prices are $325 per bench and include a plaque. The benches are made using a monolithic concrete pour. Benches can be ordered at City Hall.
Councilman Mark Justice reported that there have been various drainage issues around town with all the rain and that each will be addressed. It is recognized that Huntington very seldom sees the rain of the past few weeks on an annual basis.

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