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Damage to Buckhorn Information Spanish Trail Silhouettes


"The Spanish Trail depiction silhouettes sustain major damage from vandals."


The new silhouettes of the Spanish Trail travelers were vandalized at the Buckhorn Information Center. Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said the incident is under investigation.
Interviews are being conducted. All information gathered will be given to the Emery County Attorney’s Office and they will determine what charges will be filed in the incident. The metal cut-outs were tipped over at their location at the crossroads which lead to the Wedge or into Buckhorn Draw.
Other vandalism has occurred in the area with someone in a vehicle jumping over the water tanks and not clearing them.
This caused damage to the watering tanks which cattle in the area depend upon for their water while grazing the desert. Sheriff Funk said he doesn’t know if the incidents are related.

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