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Ferron City appoints new council member


"Adele Justice is appointed the new council member of Ferron City."

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Ferron City held their council meeting on Nov. 13. In the public comments session a concerned citizen addressed the council in reference to the treatment of a former city employee. The council is aware of the issue and the concerns she and other citizens may have pertaining to the matter. Mayor Trent Jackson thanked her for her comments.
Jaime Anderson was appointed as the new city recorder.
The council received three applications for the vacant council member position, Josh Galvez, Adele Justice and Garrett Conover. Justice and Galvez were in attendance. The council voted to have Justice fill the vacant council position. Justice was sworn in by Anderson.
The 2014 Community Impact Board priority list was reviewed. The city wants to get showers for the fairgrounds for use during the stockshow. Mayor Jackson plans to attend the next CIB meeting with stockshow representatives to express their desire for the showers. A citizen is willing to donate the electrical work. This will lower the expense of the showers considerably. The requested amount for the cemetery was lowered. The council adopted the CIB priority list with proposed change to the cemetery.
Mayor Jackson said he has been approached by several people about tearing down an old shop. He said since so many people have asked him about the shop the city will put it out for bid to salvage and tear down the building.
Councilwoman McCall Fuller said, the town Christmas party will be on Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. There will be a movie, hot cocoa and popcorn. Santa will be there for the children.
Councilman Joe Trenary said there was an inspection on the drainage system. There will be a highway committee meeting in the near future.
Councilman Ronny Bloomer will put the tree removal on Molen Road out for bids.
Councilwoman Abby Jensen will request recreation funds for the bike track.
The golf course is starting to close down for the winter. The greens and course have been fertilized. Ryan Winn suggested the city rent a sod cutter and remove the grass from hole three before the new dam construction starts next fall. The grass can be used on other parts of the course.
Next year the city will have to purchase the new boxes for the power poles if they want to hang Christmas decorations. It will cost approximately $1,000 per pole.
J and B Recycling employees approached the council to recycle metal for the city. Mayor Jackson requested they be put on the Dec. 11 council meeting agenda to discuss the matter.

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