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Emery County Travel Bureau hears funding requests for advertising


"Representatives from the Horse 4-H request funding to advertise for their event."


The Emery County Travel Bureau met in February to discuss the grants for community events and activities. Groups are encouraged to request funding from the travel bureau to be used to publicize their event.
Tina Carter gave the financial report she said the bureau was conservative with their funds and accomplished the goals they set. The revenue from the transient room tax and restaurant tax was $361,000 for the 2014 year an increase of $45,000 which made it a pretty good year. They hope to continue this upward trend for 2015.
Usually January and February are the worst months of the year for the travel industry in the county, but so far this year, things are up. The grant applications were being considered in the February meeting. Vice-chairman Keith Brady said there is $37,000 in the budget and $62,000 worth of requests for that $37,000. He cautioned applicants they may not get the full amount they have requested. The board would hear the requests and then consider them at a later time and the grant requests will be granted or denied in the March meeting.
Grant recipients are expected to match the grant with their own monies. Travel bureau money can be used for print, direct mailing, electronic, bill boards, brochures and promotional materials which include the travel bureau logo, like hats and T-shirts.
The first presenter was Monroe Magnuson asking for funding for the Cowboys Memorial Rodeo. The rodeo is moving from Memorial Day weekend to the July 24-25 weekend. The Desertview Pro-Rodeo is in June this year and they asked if the Cowboys Rodeo would consider moving their date. Magnuson said they are a semi-pro rodeo which attracts 500 cowboys. They advertise on the radio and want to expand their advertising into neighboring counties and along the Wasatch Front. He said with the rodeo being July 24-25 they hope to attract out of town visitors. They attracted 203 out of area contestants and many local contestants and contract employees. The rodeo is a non-profit organization. The event has been going since 2012 when local cowboys decided to bring in a Rocky Mountain rodeo to our area.
Jacob Atwood from the recreation district presented on the Desertview Pro Rodeo. He said they changed the rodeo dates this year to June 11, 12, 13 to attract more big name cowboys to our area. There are so many events around July 24 it’s hard to get cowboys down here. They have recently changed stock contractors. Castle Dale Day will also be going on at the time of the rodeo and the clowns will be helping with the kids rodeo event.
Kacey Field and the Wright brothers said they would come to the rodeo. The rodeo will advertise outside the area to try to get people to come into the county for the rodeo. Atwood said the event attracts 1,700 people a night in attendance and 250-300 contestants from all over. They need to get the word out the dates for the rodeo have changed and need help in doing that.
Atwood also asked for funding for the Emery County Fair which will run July 29-Aug. 1. The elephant show will be back this year. “This is a celebration for our county people, we want to draw Emery County people. With our concerts we’ve had Chase Rice and American Young. This year we’re trying to get Maddie and Tae for the concert. We have found it’s the local performers that attract the crowds, like the dance groups.” Atwood is asking for $3,500 for the rodeo and $3,500 for the fair advertising.
Shannon Hiatt from the Aquatics Center requested $2,000 for advertising. He said he has advertised on the radio and newspaper to bring Carbon County people to the Aquatics Center. He would like to advertise during the summer months. He will keep more records this year on where the people come from that use the pool.
The working ranch 4-H requested funds for their annual event. They put the travel bureau logo on the saddle that they give away. they have approximately 100 contestants at the event. They have events every Monday night in the Castle Dale arena which involves many local riders and then the big final event where they bring in 350 contestants and families.
Brady reminded all presenters that within 90 days after their event they must submit a follow-up report on how the event went with the estimated number of participants.
Maria Sykes with the Epicenter in Green River requested $3,500 for help with an exhibit spotlighting the history and heritage of Green River and stories of Green River. This exhibit will be on display in the John River History Museum from June-October. A curator is coming in from London to help them design a world-class exhibit. They are also going to design new quality T-shirts for the museum. They hope to attract people to spend more time in Green River seeing the area and making Green River a destination.
The Goblin Valley Ultra Marathon requested $3,000. People who come to the marathon have to pay the park entrance fees and many spend the night at the park and in town in the motels the night before the event. It was suggested maybe to have the people pick up their packets in Green River to get them into town.
Josh Rowley requested funding for a new business he is starting called Green River Adventure Center. This business will market activities for people to do while staying in Green River including canoeing, kayaking, etc. They will market to the people stopping and staying in Green River for the night. There are 600-700 people a night in the motels in Green River during the summer. These visitors are from out of state and out of the country. They hope to get them to stay longer on their way to where they are going. Rowley said they will have bill boards, marquee advertising and put advertising in each of the motel rooms. Video advertising and online advertising will also be a part of their marketing, they hope to attract tour buses and large groups. The business hopes to employ five new people part-time.
Melon Days requested $3,500 for advertising. The Green River PACT requested funding for their start-up marathon and Powell River race. With this race the participants craft their own vessel and they float on the Green River. Oct. 3 will be their marathon event.
Brady said some of these projects and requests are coming from Emery County Travel Board members. When the board considers the requests then the people involved will abstain from voting.
Moab has two half-marathons, but not a full marathon so Green River hopes to capture the marathon runners for this race.
Brady requested $3,500 for the Potluck Group from Green River to redo their website. They hope to add many new dimensions to the site including trip planning where you can plan a multiple day stay with activities each day in the Green River area. Brady hopes to get other tourist related businesses on board and monetarily supporting the website.
Green River City is looking at hiring an events coordinator. The Rocket Competition will be held in Green River in June as it has been in the past and they hope to involve more local people. They will host a water bottle rocket event.
Nick Derrick from the Tamarisk said he has been co-owner of the restaurant for about a year now. They are working on rebranding. They will be increasing their efforts for recognition for their restaurant with billboards, website, and advertising in the local motel rooms. They are working to steer more business into the county to increase taxes for the county. They have been successful in attracting tour buses out of Moab and bringing them into Green River for dinner.
Jordan Leonard from Millsite golf course asked if the travel bureau wanted to advertise on the new score cards for Millsite Golf Course. He would like to see more tourist based businesses advertising on the cards. During the summer, 60-70 percent of the golfers at Millsite are from outside the area. He is also working to get more corporate groups and parties to rent the course for their event. Millsite is using Facebook and its website for advertising.
Little Grand Canyon Marathon is Sept. 5 this year. People come from all over for that race, many from out of the country that are coming specifically to run the race that starts in Huntington and finished at the swinging bridge.
Other funding requests were made by MECCA-fall and spring bike festival, Old Utah Trails, San Rafael Classic Triathlon, Sons of Spartans baseball, Southeastern Utah Junior Livestock Show.
The board approved three members to recommend to the commission for membership on the travel bureau, Penney Riches, LaMar Guymon and Maegan Wilberg.

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