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Unofficial election results

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Emery County unofficial election results.
US House of Representatives, Jason Chaffetz-748 votes, Chia-Chi Teng-129 votes. US Senate, Misty K. Snow-46 votes, Jonathan Swinton, 46 votes. Govenor/Lt. Gov, Gary Herbert and Spencer Cox-732 votes, Jonathan Johnson and Robyn Bagley-155 votes. School board district one, Tracie Urie-93 votes, McKenzie Guymon-132 votes, Tanie Worthen-123 votes. School board district two, Julie Wilson-103 votes, K. Geoffrey Madsen-95 votes, Tracey Johnson-125 votes.
On the state level Jason Chaffetz defeated Chia-Chi Teng. Gov. Gary Herbert and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox defeated Jonathan Johnson and Robyn Bagley. Misty K. Snow defeated Jonathan Swinton.

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