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Utah Gas Prices Continue to Drop

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Utah’s gasoline prices continue to drop despite the demand of summer driving, reports AAA Utah.
“Gas prices remain well below the levels of a year ago and have remained very stable as the summer driving season begins,” said Rolayne Fairclough, AAA Utah spokeswoman. “These moderate prices will make summer trips during the Fourth of July holiday more affordable than last year.”
The national price of unleaded regular gasoline is $1.39, a 1-cent decrease from last month and a 24-cent decrease from last year. Utah’s average price is $1.38, a 1-cent decrease from last month and 22 cents lower than last year.
The average national prices for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline in June for the last five years are: 2001, $1.629; 2000, $1.664, 1999, $1.142; 1998, $1.108; and 1997, $1.25.
“While it appears that gasoline prices will continue to be stable through the upcoming summer holiday, media speculation about U.S. plans involving Iraq briefly pushed the price of crude oil above $26 per barrel,” said Fairclough.
A survey of cities in Utah showed a consistent decrease in prices. Of the cities surveyed, Ogden had the lowest average price of $1.31, a 4-cent decrease from last month. Provo had the next lowest price at $1.32, a 2-cent drop in a month. Salt Lake City came in third with an average price of $1.34, a 3-cent decrease.

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