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An Optomist’s Thanksgiving


Speaking of overabundance and Thanksgiving, I have plenty of blessings to count. One blessing is that I’m an optimist. For example:
I’m thankful for several pairs of black shoes strewn around the family room. It means that my husband and children attended church.
I’m thankful for a sink full of dirty dishes. It means that all of us left the table with full stomachs.
I’m thankful that a new bill will be making its way to our mailbox each month. It means that our new gas furnace is doing its job.
I’m thankful for our 1989 Chevy Citation. It means we don’t have a car payment.
I’m thankful for the piles of leaves in our yard. It means we had shade all summer long.
I’m thankful that when I get tired of watching or reading bad news, I can put the newspaper in the bottom of the cat’s litter box and turn off the television.
I’m thankful for piles of laundry in the laundry room. It means my washer and dryer are working well and that I don’t have to make trips to the laundromat.
I’m thankful my parents had medical problems this year. It means they are still here.
I’m thankful for friends and family who look, act and think differently than I do.
It means the world is an endlessly fascinating place to live.
I’m thankful for God, who gave ten commandments instead of ten suggestions.
It means that if I’m paying attention and have the desire, I can be happy.

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