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Emery County Commission Elects New Chairman for 2003



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The Price National Guard Unit of the 1457th engineer Combat Battalion gathered Tuesday evening for a group picture as plans are finalized for their deployment to Fort Lewis in Washington. Pictured above, from the left beginning on the top include SSG Berdan, SPC Hatfield, SGT Newby, SPC Wissmar, SPC Sanderson, SSR Randall, SPC Gurule, SPC Manning, SPC Pierce, SSG Black SSG Quarles, SSG Keller, 2LT Wolff, SPC Emery, SPC Wheeler, PFC Payton, SPC Argyle, SPC Barney, SPC Pierce, SPC Larsen, SPC Shannon, SPC Roberts, SPC Anderson, SPC Archeluta, SSG Tallerico, SPC Wayman, CPL Thomas, SPC Cave, SPC Black, and SPC Boyack.

Emery County National Guard members are joining forces with those being called to serve their country. Many battalions are on alert and members of the 1457 Engineer Combat Battalion have been called to Fort Lewis Washington where they will be temporarily stationed and will await a call to the Middle East.
Local guard members are leaving and those belonging to the battalion but who haven’t completed their training will finish this training and join their battalion at a future date. Those involved in the recent call up from the county include: Adam Wayman, Nash Roberts, Steven Cave, Charles Emery, William Langi, Jeremy Manning; those who will join the battalion at a later date include: Nicholas Hunsaker, Dana Hunsaker and Steven Jensen. Sergeant Waco Randall was among those leaving as well as local San Rafael Junior High teacher, Charles Durrant.

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